Monday, 1 February 2010

London Taxi App 1.0 Features

We are putting a lot of effort into developing an iPhone application that is easy to use and useful to people visiting or living in London.


  • Calculate an estimated taxi fare between any 2 points in London.
  • Gives an estimated distance for your route.
  • Utilises your phone's GPS to use your current location as either the start or end point.
  • Preset London points of interest including airports, tube and train stations, famous landmarks and tourist attraction.
  • Saves locations used in the past in case you need to use them again.
  • Optional feature to go Via another point on your journey.
  • Calculate journeys leaving now, or at any time in the future.
  • Integrated with Google Maps so that you can see the likely route to your destination - but remember cabbies usually know best!
Please remember that the fare calculations, timings and route are only estimates and actual details will vary depending on traffic, weather and other unforeseen conditions. The information provided is intended for guidance purposes only, so please don't threaten the cabbies with the information. But we think it's pretty good!!!!

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